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Tape Transfer Services

Welcome to our premium Tape and DVD Video Transfer Service, where cherished memories are preserved with unparalleled clarity and care. Our expert team is dedicated to converting your beloved videotapes and DVDs into high-definition digital formats, ensuring your precious moments are immortalised for generations to come.

  • VHS, S-VHS, VHSC to Digital

    Transform your VHS, S-VHS, and VHSC memories into vibrant HD with our expert digital conversion. Relive your cherished moments with enhanced clarity.

  • MiniDV & Hi8 Conversion

    Merge nostalgia with clarity through our MiniDV and Hi8 conversion. Experience your favourite tapes in stunning HD, perfect for both artists and enthusiasts.

  • DVD Video Transfers

    Upgrade your DVDs to the digital era with our seamless conversion service. Preserve your cinematic treasures in high-quality digital formats, ready for the future.

Price & Details

Video File Format
Codec XS
Video Resolution XS
Price Per Tape/DVD XS
Video File Format.MP4
Video ResolutionHD 1080P
Price Per Tape/DVD$20

* Please provide a USB/Hard Drive for Large Files.

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    Can I drop off my film or mail it in?

    Absolutely! You're welcome to drop off your film at our location if you're nearby, or you can mail it to us if that's more convenient for you. Whichever method you choose, rest assured your film will receive the utmost care from the moment it arrives until it's safely returned to you.

    Can I share the digital files with friends and family?

    Yes, one of the great advantages of digital files is the ease of sharing. Once you receive your converted files, you can easily share them with friends and family, bringing back shared memories and moments.

    Can I watch the converted videos on my TV, phone, or computer?

    Absolutely! The final video files are in MP4 format, which is widely supported by most laptops, phones, TVs, and other digital playback devices, making it easy for you to relive your cherished moments on any platform.

    How do I receive my converted videos?

    We offer two convenient options. We can upload your files to Google Drive for easy access and sharing. Alternatively, for larger files or physical backup, we recommend using a USB drive. You can bring your own or purchase one directly from us.

    Are my original tapes and DVDs safe during the conversion process?

    Your originals are in safe hands. We handle all media with the utmost care, ensuring they are returned to you in the same condition they were received.

    How long does the conversion process take?

    The turnaround time varies depending on the volume and condition of your media. We strive to complete all orders promptly while ensuring the highest quality conversion. Please contact us for a more accurate estimate based on your specific needs.