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Film Processing

Film Processing
Film processing adheres to film manufacturer specifications, using strict quality control measures. Our chemistry is kept fresh at all times, with constant control strip and densitometry testing.
Formats: 110, 35mm, APS, 120, 220, 4x5, 8x10
controls strips for 35mm film
Develop Only (Negatives Only)
By default we cut in strips of 6’s for 35mm rolls. For 120 rolls we use full width sleeves to support most common format sizes. If you wish for us to leave your negatives uncut, we will roll them into a small box.
$9.50 per roll
$12 per roll/sheet
Develop and Scan
Our expert technicians are highly trained and experienced to perform great consistent colour judgement. We look closely at every single frame to make adjustments and corrections to provide you with the highest quality scans possible. We know that everyone’s taste is different. If you have any custom requests or need your scans to match a provided reference, simply communicate with us what you have in mind prior to commencing your job. Formats: 110*, 126*, 127*, 35mm, APS, 120, 220, 4x5 *additional charges for these formats
Standard Resolution
Short side: 8" (2400px) @300dpi JPEG Approx 5.2mb file size + TIFF $5 per roll
High Resolution
Short side: 16" (4800px) @300dpi 8-bit TIFF Approx 85mb file size
Standard Res - $16.50 per roll
High Res - $38.50 per roll
Standard Res - $20 per roll
High Res - $42 per roll
Develop and Print
The most cost-effective way for processing and printing your images. Using our traditional C-Type printer, we can provide a set of standard small prints that are great for layouts, proofing or albums, with the option to add more scans or larger prints. Choose between two paper types — Gloss or Lustre.
12 Exposures - $18.50
24 Exposures - $22.50
36 Exposures - $27.50
Medium Format
120 - $22.50
220 - $27.50
25 Exposures - $22.50
40 Exposures - $27.50
12 Exposures - $22.50
24 Exposures - $26.50
36 Exposures - $31.50
Medium Format
120 - $26.50
220 - $31.50
Standard Scans - $7.50
High Res Scans - $27.50
Additional Set - $7
Upsize to 6x8" - $12
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