The gallery space aims to support the photo-media community by creating a space for the interchange of commercial and personal works within a wider section of the community. Rewind Photo Lab is unique in its commitment to fostering creative talent and encouraging quality, creativity and professionalism while exposing a wider audience to the best work in photo-media.

Rewind Photo Lab aims to make art more accessible to the community, for this reason sale prices of artists work will be set in collaboration with Rewind Photo Lab and the exhibiting artist.

$250 for 2 weeks
15% commission on all works sold

Rewind Photo Lab will give assistance in project guidance, including but not limited to; advice on film, paper type, printing, image collation. As well as assistance in curating and presenting the final outcome.

What you get
  • High daily foot traffic – photographers, industry professionals and other artists.
  • 4700K Colour Accurate Gallery Lighting
  • Social media and publication assistance
  • Exhibition catalogue design / print
  • Launch Event
Exhibitor requirements
Curational Rationale

Short typed text to provide the gallery with
an overview of the artists aim

List of works

This should include titles, sizes, mediums, edition numbers (if applicable)

Sample images

Between 8-12 images for each photographer involved in the exhibition


1-2 pages for each exhibitor involved


The approximate date you are interested in exhibiting and for what time frame (standard exhibition period is 2 weeks)


Please note there is a wire hanging system and the wall rendered brick. Drilling into the gallery walls is not possible, other hanging methods can be negotiated with the Gallery Curator.

Gallery Dimensions

We treat each submission case by case, due to the quantity of applications received, we may only be able to get back to successful applicants.

Send submissions to –

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