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abigail varney


07.12.20 - 05.02.21

Rewind Photo Lab, Glebe

Sub/Solar presents eight distinct voices in contemporary photography, constituting a visual conversation that articulates multitude approaches to image-making and which signifies key concerns that contextualise present-day artistic practice.

From Robert Walwyn’s infrared images of bushfire regrowth, to Remi Siciliano’s ethereal images made in relief with nature, to Jake Nemirovsky’s ominous expanded documentary work, the images in Sub/Solar stand as indexes of a social sphere that is simultaneously beset by the need for decisive action on critical issues such as climate change, whilst also paralysed by an endlessly fracturing relativism of belief.

The works in Sub/Solar not only encapsulate an overarching existential anxiety, but also demonstrate how photography, a form inexorably tied to the material substance of ‘the real’, is responding to the increasingly problematic status of truth and reality in the post-truth era.

Cover Image: "Chateau Reservations", Abigail Varney, 2015


Exhibiting Artists:

Emilio Cresciani
Matt Dunne
Peyton Fulford
Luke Le
Jake Nemirovsky
Remi Siciliano
Abigail Varney
Robert Walwyn



Installation Views

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