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Setting Up Your Photoshop Settings For Best Colour Management

Setting Up Your Photoshop Settings


Color management is often a daunting thing to tackle and get your head around. Here at Rewind we thought it’s important to share some very basic tips that you can easily implement to begin your colour management journey.

One of the very first things I tell people to do (other than calibrating their monitors) is to go to the Colour Management Settings in the Photoshop program itself, as Adobe’s default settings are not reflective of the best working environment.

Below I will try to show you how to easily access and change these for optimum output.

To begin, open Adobe Photoshop and at the top click EDIT > COLOUR SETTINGS and you will see the following box below.

The important parts I have circled in red for you so just change everything to reflect what you see here.

What we are doing first is setting the optimal colour working space which you can see for RGB is Adobe RBG 1998, and so forth for all the different color spaces of CMYK and Grey etc.

The next part is simply telling photoshop to preserve any previously saved color profiles (which is very very important) and this essentially is keeping the colour “language” in tact and then changing it to our preserved working space.

The third and final part is asking the program to tell you when there are any profile mismatches or missing colour information when opening your files, so make sure to check all these boxes.

In future articles we will aim to delve a little further into what each of these really means but for the sake of brevity and getting you all set up we will keep it simple to start with.

Article Written By
Ben Ali Ong
Lead Print Technician
Rewind Photo

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