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Important News. We're Moving!

Rewind Photo Lab Is Moving

We Have Some Exciting News..We're Moving!

As the Sydney lockdown has impacted our business and many others in the area, we are looking to take this opportunity to relocate premises for the start of 2022.

Although the exact location is yet to be announced, we are hoping this move will allow us to offer an even larger selection of products and services.

You can still process film with us by either mailing or using the front door mail slot.

Important Temporary Changes

As a measure to ensure the move is successful, we will remain operational but behind closed doors for the remainder of the year.

During this transition, we cannot offer to store any future film processing orders until we move.
We can offer to have your negatives shipped back to you or you can opt to have your negatives discarded after 30 days.

We apologise for the disruptions and inconveniences this may cause.

But What if I Were to Collect My Film That I Submitted During Lockdown?

Rewind Photo Lab would like to apologise that the company’s temporary changes will make collection not possible after lockdown is lifted.

Due to the these changes, we will no longer be able to offer customer job storage or pick ups until we complete the move.

If you submitted an order with us during lockdown and would like your negatives returned we have a process for you.

The negative retrieval includes FREE SHIPPING.

Follow this link to request your negatives to be returned to you via shipping.


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