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Gianna Hayes

Gianna Hayes

Gianna Hayes is an interdisciplinary artist, art director, and art curator. Gianna's work ranges from Photography, Videography, Graphic Design, Digital Art, Textile Design, and Art Curation.

Along side practicing art and design, Gianna has started her own collective called B.T.W (Between Two Worlds), a platform for people of colour and indigenous peoples in Australia to share their stories. B.T.W organises exhibitions and events that support and recognise the creative contribution of often tokenised and silenced members of society in art, music, and design.

Your work spans many mediums. What is the importance of film photography within your practice?

Being in the midst of this digital age, film photography allows me to focus on the present and teaches me patience. 36 shots directs my focus on the relationship between the subject, concept, and composition. Shooting film is meditative for me ... from the sound of the shutter to the motion of rewinding the roll. The viewfinder becomes the vision of creation. It helps me look at the world through a softer lens and focuses on finding the beauty in this chaos.


Your work has started to push into 3D rendering, where you have been creating otherworldly scenes. Who have been your influences, and what programs have you been using for these works?

I’ve been exploring the relationship between natural environments and materialistic matter by interconnecting my photography and 3D designs into one piece. My influences come from the natural landscapes and terrain that surround me as well as my love for architecture and sculpture. Sculptor Artist Katarzyna Kobo and Lita Albuqerque have been influential and inspiring during this 3D process.

3D rendering only came into fruition recently. It came from a place of escapism and self-healing. I started to create worlds that would drift me into a meditative reverie. I am self-teaching myself, so currently, the programs I use is blender and photoshop. However, I would love to eventually transform these pixels into real-life sculptures!

You are the founder of Between Two Worlds, a platform for people of colour and indigenous peoples in Australia, to share their stories through multidisciplinary art, spoken word, and live music. How important is representation and diversity within the Arts? How do you view the collaboration between mediums working towards enriching this dialogue?

Art is a form of expression… you can't limit that expression to represent only one voice. This world is vast and there are many stories, ideas, dreams, emotions to share. The aim of B.T.W is to capture these stories, share them, celebrate them and validate them. These honest stories are often consigned as an after thought and are often tokenized or fetishized by those who don’t understand its importance. The collaboration between these mediums is a fun engaging way for everyone to come together in one safe space to listen, learn, embrace, and exchange stories no matter who you are! People of Colour haven’t had an opportunity to share their stories and simply share their art. We need to have an equal representation of artists from all walks of life.

Sampa the Great

Splitting your time between Australia and America, What do you glean from the experience of mobility within your practice?

My energy flows between both terrains and both inspire me to evolve as an artist. It allows me to open my eyes that much wider and be open to new experiences which challenge and push me as an artist. This world is too small to limit myself to one place. The ability to be mobile between these two places I call home is a privilege. To be able to capture and share stories from individuals I meet in transit is such an honor!

What is your favorite film stock to use?

Porta 400 and Kodak P3200 TMAX !




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